Creating Music Setlists Algorithmically

Last semester I was in an object oriented programming course using Java (which means I had to learn Java). The focus of this course was a group project, for which I managed to convince my teammates to build a setlist manager for live performing musicians.

What does it do? First you input every song you know how to play by describing it in terms of key, length, tempo, and genre.

A form for editing song data; shown is the data for Darude's Sandstorm

Then you describe your gig: total length of performance, number and length of breaks, and genres you wish to play.

A form describing a set

Lastly, you hit generate and enjoy your semi-randomized setlist created to your specifications.

A setlist including the classic hits The Fox, Tunak Tunak Tun, and Harlem Shake

Notice I said semi-randomized. When building sets it is generally advisable to have your performance vary in key and tempo between songs.

The first song is completely random (to the extent that ArrayList.shuffle() is random). The 2nd, 4th etc. songs will always be a different key from the previous, and the 3rd, 5th etc. songs will never be within 10% of the tempo of the previous. So you might get 2 songs in a row in the same key, but never 3.

My teammates fortunately agreed to release their code under GPL v 2 (all but one, but I think I replaced all of that), so you are free to download and modify it to your heart's content. If you'd rather just run it as is, here's a direct download for the compiled jar.

Since I'm taking a semester off for various reasons (mostly because classes are all online) I decided to keep my self sharp by rebuilding the entire thing in C++ with ncurses. That project is also on Github, but not nearly as complete.

Made in Vim